Tencel Soft Comfort Boxer Briefs HO1

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The TENCEL SOFT boxer is a boxer for men, plain white, navy blue or burgundy. It is made from lyocell, vegetable silk and natural material, particularly soft and comfortable. This model of a boxer for men has been designed with the horizontal opening "HO1", the trademark and patent quality of the HOM House.

Composition : 97% Lyocell 3% Elastane

The TENCEL SOFT men's boxer is a long boxer made of vegetable silk. Plain, white, navy blue or burgundy, this underwear is a basic of very high quality and absolute comfort for all male bodies.
The fabric is made of 97% lyocell and 3% spandex yarn. This material of natural origin is obtained from wood pulp and is four times more absorbent than cotton, its manufacturing process requires little water and thus limits the environmental impact of the fabric produced. This textile, made in Europe, is remarkable for the well-being it guarantees and the ease of maintenance it allows. A Lyocell boxer does not wrinkle and resists friction well and the risk of shrinkage.
The long cut of the TENCEL SOFT men's boxer is a reference to the HOM brand: this underwear is designed to go down more on the leg than a boxer short. This shape thus limits friction at the level of the thighs and does not make the underwear "rise" in the movement. This shape also advantageously highlights the body. The elastic waistband remains soft and does not compress thanks to the flexibility of the fabric of which it is composed.
This model of a boxer for men has been designed with the horizontal opening "HO1", the trademark and patent quality of the HOM House.
Like all HOM underwear, this long boxer is OEKO-TEX® certified. It respects sensitive skin thanks to all of its components (fabric, thread, dyes) guaranteed non-toxic for the body.