MUSCLE RECOVER is sports innovation with a capital "I". Thanks to its Emana® intelligent fibres, developed by the French group Rhodia®, it stimulates blood microcirculation and cellular metabolism. MUSCLE RECOVER is a line of sports boxers and t-shirts which effectively promote muscle recovery. The range Muscle Recover is composed by a tshirt and a long boxer brief made in a unique style thanks to colourful overstitching. Emana® is the result of four years of research and development by the French group Rhodia®. It is a high performance ultra-soft fabric. This intelligent fibre can absorb natural body infrared rays and it releases them back. These new rays have interactions with the body and they stimulate blood microcirculation and cellular metabolism, in order to optimise muscle recovery. This high-performing new fabric achieved successful results to scientific and clinic tests for clothes. An ideal fabric for sports products acting as a second skin.