Underwear is essential for physical activity in complete freedom and for improving your performance. HOM has therefore brought together the best technologies to serve its know-how: lightness, breathability and moisture control.


With the TERRAIN range combining two materials, one very lightweight and the other micro-aerated, you’ll be well equipped to progress.


What if the sporting spirit could be worn in all circumstances ? With this camouflage print and a cut designed for sports enthusiasts, you’ll never lack comfort, especially with material that allows the skin to breathe, avoids overheating and dries quickly.


Sportswear technology for underwear, a first ! HOM has used Nilit Heat technology: Breathable, moisture control, refreshing fibre. It retains heat but removes moisture and odours.


The needs of the sporting community have been studied by HOM in order to offer them several styles. This AIR ACTIVE range features breathable properties thanks to its microaerated material and a stylish reflective piping.