To appreciate HOM as a pioneering menswear shop, you must first take the time to delve into its world and discover the very different lifestyles meeting the expectations of men today.

It's undeniable that men's fashion in Hong Kong has been strictly confined by stereotypes, particularly in the historical context. For instance, traditional gender roles and expectations had a powerful influence over men's fashion over the past decades. There was a set of norms stating certain garments are for certain groups of people. Clear evidence is that we can hardly see pink or floral patterns in men's clothing back then as it was deemed as a girly element and would undermine masculinity. Men would even face an accusation for not adhering to the traditional clothing norm. These limiting 'rules' have hindered the potential of creativity and self-expression within the men's fashion world.

Contemporary men's fashion has witnessed a revolution especially in the recent decades, with designers and brands actively striving to break free from the stereotypes. As we progress into a more accepting and inclusive era, the constraints of men's clothes are gradually loosening. More ideas in men’s fashion are allowed to flow around and less critics to a person's choice of style. Men's fashion in HK is no longer tied to conservative ideals, that is, a strict uniform of suits and ties or neutral colors such as black and white. A wider range of styles is now available in the men's fashion world, ranging from streetwear to casual chic. More colorful hues are added to menswear as well.


In the ever-evolving men's fashion landscape, certain brands rise to eminence, not solely as men's clothing Hong Kong sellers but representations of lifestyle. HOM is one such brand in the men's fashion world that has pushed through the barricades of being a mere men's clothing label.

Founded with a great vision to serve the modern men's fashion needs, HOM has truly redefined the concept of men's clothes in Hong Kong. HOM was first started with the burning desire to offer men more than just mundane undergarments. It then recognized the lack of creativity and distinctive style choices in the men's fashion world which left men with a little room for self-expression and panache.

Every man deserves men's clothing that speaks to his individuality and sense of style as we are all a unique existence in this world that should be allowed to be the true version of ourselves without the fear of being judged and criticized. Thus, it prompts HOM to set out on a journey to provide more options in the men's fashion to empower men embracing their unique tastes, experiment with styles and challenge outdated stereotypes of men’s clothing in Hong Kong.

Since the beginning, HOM has firmly determined to offer something more profound than men's clothing. It aimed to embody a lifestyle, a philosophy and a unique identity that would resonate with men, making it more than just ordinary men's clothing.


Over the years, HOM has transcended into more than just a men's clothing brand. It has transformed into a harbor for men's fashion in HK, providing for a variety of needs in the market. HOM has ventured into various sectors of men's fashion, making it an exhaustive destination for all things related to men's clothing in Hong Kong. Covering every facet of men's fashion, HOM is committed to the quality and design of each of the product categories.

HOM men's clothing in Hong Kong is not just about covering the essentials; they are about elevating daily life. The look, feel and design of HOM men's clothing reflect a great understanding of modern men's fashion desire that is both functional and chic. It has broken through the perception that comfy men’s clothes in Hong Kong are always not looking good and has proven that style and function can co-exist without having to sacrifice any of them. Each piece of men's clothing is delicately crafted for perfect fit and maximum comfort. This attention of detail is what has earned HOM its sound reputation for quality and comfort in men's clothing.


In a fast-moving men’s fashion world where quantity is often prioritized over quality, HOM banks on an opposite approach. It believes that the true style in men's clothing is not about wearing something new every day, but about wearing something that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Using only the finest materials, HOM men's clothing is built to be durable and long lasting. These give rise to an outcome where the men's clothing is exceptionally good while being able to stand against the testament of time.

Comfort, an often-neglected aspect in men's clothing, as most brands perceive that men’s fashion is always about something new and different. HOM understands that men's clothing not only needs to look good but also needs to feel good on skin in order to be fashionable.

In the realm of men's clothing in Hong Kong, HOM ensures that men can enjoy comfort no matter the occasion and the weather. Whether it's ergonomic design or innovative fabric, HOM's men's clothing is designed for comfort and confidence all day long. Each and every stitch and seam of the men's clothes in Hong Kong is carefully sewn with only one pure intention, that is to provide comfort. HOM's men's clothing is surely a must-have in every man's wardrobe.


To truly appreciate HOM, one must acknowledge that it represents more than just a brand selling men's clothes; it embodies a lifestyle. HOM men's clothes celebrate the uniqueness of each individual, uplifting men to express themselves through their clothing choices.

HOM understands that masculinity is not just about monolithic and that there are numerous ways to express it. Hence, its men's clothes are to encourage men to be comfortable in their own skin. With HOM men's clothes Hong Kong collection, you can wear your confidence with pride. There's no finite definition for HOM men's clothes, they are inclusive and welcoming men from all walks of life. Having something for everyone - HOM, a brand that specializes in men's clothes that celebrates the modern man in all forms.


Having the freedom to express oneself and embrace one's uniqueness in this inclusive era, the expectation towards men's clothes in Hong Kong has completely changed and evolved. These changing expectations in men’s clothing in Hong Kong have allowed HOM to position itself as a brand that sells men's clothes catering to the dynamic demands and needs of modern man. To us, men's clothes are no longer merely a piece of garment functioning to protect and provide warmth. Men's clothes are now a symbol of status and identification that serve to also reflect wearers' values, personalities and sense of style.

HOM provides precisely a range of men's clothes that goes beyond utility to become an expression of self. For those who are always up to the minute with men’s fashion in HK, HOM has a range of trendy men's clothes allowing to make a bold statement and stand out from the crowd.

For those who value comfort in men’s fashion above all else, HOM offers ergonomic design men's clothes in Hong Kong that ensure confidence and comfort all day long. In a fashion world where brands come and go, HOM stands as an emblem of enduring men's clothes. HOM is not just a brand selling men's clothes in Hong Kong; it's a lifestyle by choice. HOM is eager to continue its journey on producing men's clothes that inspire men to be true to themselves and confident. Come and celebrate your individuality by selecting your perfect fit of men's clothes at HOM. Take your time and delve into HOM's world and discover the best men's fashion in Hong Kong has to offer that surely meets your expectations.

About HOM Men’s Clothes Hong Kong Collection – FAQs:

1. Where can I find the latest trendy men's clothes in Hong Kong?


You can find the latest trendy men's clothes at HOM. We have both physical stores and online stores operating in Hong Kong. HOM is one of the most famous and innovative brands for men's clothing in Hong Kong that specializes in quality, comfort and style for modern men. HOM will definitely serve your needs when it comes to men's fashion in Hong Kong.

2. Does HOM provide online shopping and delivery for purchases of men's clothes?


Yes, HOM provides the convenience of online shopping and delivery for purchases of men's clothes through its user-friendly official website. We offer free shipping for all men’s clothes Hong Kong orders above HKD 599, and an exclusive welcome offer for new customers who subscribe to our email. We support various payment methods such as paypal, stripe, wechat pay, and alipay. Please rest assured that the payment of purchases of men's clothes at HOM website is secure and trustworthy.

3. What sets HOM apart from other men’s fashion brands that sell men's clothing in Hong Kong?


The key point that sets HOM apart from other brands that sell men's clothing in Hong Kong is its commitment towards quality and innovation. Despite the fast-moving trends of men's fashion in Hong Kong, HOM still perseveres in quality over quantity with its men’s clothing, as it believes fashion is about wearing something that makes you feel confident.

4. Is there customer service support that attends to customer inquiries and provides assistance whenever needed regarding men's clothing for Hong Kong at HOM?


Definitely. Customers can reach out to our men’s clothes customer service team by email at [email protected], or text us via social media whenever they need assistance to purchase men's clothing at our website, such as having any issues with payment or some general inquiries regarding our products or services. Do be informed that our men’s clothes Hong Kong customer service team is available from Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 6pm HKT, excluding public holidays and unforeseen circumstances. Due to the high volume of messages, response time might take up to 1-2 business days however we are always ready to provide the best solution to our valued customers for men’s fashion.

5. Does HOM have a presence on social media where I can stay updated with the latest release of men's fashion in Hong Kong?


Yes. HOM has a presence of profile on both Facebook and Instagram as well as Youtube. Customers may feel free to follow us on the platforms to get updates on any latest promotion or product launches of HOM men's fashion in Hong Kong.

6. What is the uniqueness of HOM that makes it stand out in the landscape of men's fashion in HK?


HOM cares about the feelings of the wearer. Besides focusing on quality and comfort, HOM wants those who wear its men’s clothes to fully embrace their choice of style. HOM believes that the definition of men’s fashion is when one wears something that makes him feel comfortable and arouses his confidence to perform any activities under any circumstances at any time.

7. How does HOM cater to the local men's fashion in HK as a European brand?


To cater to local men's fashion in Hong Kong, HOM has done exhaustive research on the market needs and demands. We have collections that are specifically tailored to the taste and preference of men's fashion in HK. We also have seasonal and festival men’s clothing collections that are suitable for different weathers and festivals. Feel free to find out more at our website.

8. HOM sells what kind of men's fashion in HK?


HOM sells a diverse range of men's fashion in Hong Kong, ranging from undergarments to fashionable men’s clothes. HOM products are able to cater to men from all walks of life.

9. How do I know if the size of HOM's men’s clothing products is a perfect fit for me?


Men’s clothing Hong Kong customers can refer to the size chart provided at our website to ensure the right fit when buying products at HOM. If doubt still persists, men’s clothes Hong Kong customers can always reach out to our service team via email or social media.

10. What is HOM well known for in men’s fashion?


HOM is well known for its innovative approach towards fabric in men’s fashion. We have introduced various technologies to enhance the comfort and functionality of our men’s clothes. For instance, our signature patented HO1 horizontal opening that eases both left and right hand users and our fabric treatment technologies which are Ceravida Fresh and Ceravida Heat. Ceravida Fresh focuses on providing freshness all day long during hot weather whereas Ceravida Heat focuses on providing warmth and heat retention for colder weather. Both of them have an outstanding performance on anti-bacterial, anti-mold and deodorizing when used in our men’s clothes.