Men's Boxers Underwear & Trunks

HOM's premium collection of men's boxers and trunks underwear offer the perfect blend of both style and comfort. Every man's closet should have comfortable men's boxers, and HOM’s wide range of men's trunks underwear are made of premium materials and have a luxurious feel. Our men's trunks also offer a perfect fit that will make you feel fashionable and confident all day long.

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Men's Trunks Underwear with Stable & Comfortable Design

The design of a pair of boxers underwear is crucial when it comes to finding yourself comfortable undergarments. Our men's boxers, in contrast to more conventional products, offer both stability and comfort by mastering the personalised fit. This is made possible because of the way our men's trunks hug your thighs. In addition, our looser fit design of boxers delivers increased comfort and breathability, making our boxers great for outdoor activities or everyday wear. Whether you prefer classic solids or eye-catching designs, HOM has a wide choice of boxers and trunks to suit your specific preferences or tastes.

Men's boxers are more than just an undergarment — they are a combination of comfort, style and functionality. HOM provides a wide selection of men's trunks to suit your preferences, whether you're more interested in regular men’s boxers, or other trunks underwear. Upgrade your wardrobe and improve your boxers game right now with products from HOM’s extensive men's boxers underwear collection!

Different Styles of Men's Boxers

Every man's wardrobe must consist of a set of cozy and chic undergarments, in a lot of cases a couple pairs of stylish boxers.

HOM, a company from France, is acutely aware that every man is unique in terms of their personal choices, which is why we offer a wide selection of men's boxers to complement your wardrobe well and evolve with different outfits. Our men's trunks underwear feature innovative designs with sleek cuts, ensuring maximum comfort, coupled with cutting-edge technology. For those with a shorter and slimmer build, men’s trunks provide a shorter cut and a tighter fit. From more classic designs to contemporary cuts, HOM's boxers cater to every man's unique taste and preference, ensuring that you'll find the perfect pair of boxers to complement your personal style and outfit choices.

HOM's men's boxers underwear are diverse and fit every occasion. They work great wherever you are. Our boxers are made with the closest attention to detail, and are very well crafted. Every pair of men's trunks have special features and top-notch fabrics, which combine style and functionality perfectly. Our innovative fabrications ensure a smooth touch, combining quality with style in essential boxers for the modern man. Experience the unparalleled comfort of HOM men’s boxers by shopping, as well as browse from our large range of high-quality men's trunks underwear collection on HOM’s official website.

Trunks Underwear Designed for Ultimate Comfort & Aesthetics

Must-Have Boxers for All Men

For unequaled support and coverage in your boxers, look no further than HOM's classic offering: the Horizontal Opening No.1 (HO1) collection. This iconic men’s boxers collection features a horizontal opening design meticulously developed by HOM for enhanced convenience and comfort, making our HO1 series of boxers underwear stand out as a must-have for any man. Our HO1 boxers are unique, with a design that is innovative. If you love HOM or just became familiar with our brand, our men’s boxers underwear collection offers the utmost comfort, style, and usability. Every man should own these essentials.

Men's Trunks That Combine Comfort & Style

Our collection of men's trunks underwear redefines what contemporary undergarment is all about — our men’s trunks combine comfort and design in the ideal sense. Our men's trunks underwear line exemplifies how comfort, durability, and style can coexist peacefully, so it's not just about practicality when shopping for a pair of men's trunks.

Our HO1 boxers are constructed from a combination of the ultra-soft microfibers to offer a level of comfort unrivaled by traditional men’s trunks. The materials we use provide superior moisture-wicking ability, and they keep you dry and cozy all day compared to other regular men's boxers underwear. Additionally, our boxers underwear won't irritate your skin, and you can wear them comfortably without any discomfort.

Quick-Drying & Durable Men’s Boxers

Every pair of men's trunks underwear that HOM offers is handmade with painstaking attention to detail, with the primary goal of delivering unrivaled comfort and design. Through the use of HOM's HO1 men's trunks line, which is recognized for its quick-drying and durable features, you can remain comfortable and fresh throughout the whole day in our trunks underwear.

Our iconic men’s boxers underwear from the HO1 line not only offer exceptional comfort but are also engineered to dry rapidly and withstand the rigors of daily wear. These boxers are crafted for frequent washing and daily use. Our trunks underwear maintains their size and shape ensuring dependability, and durability. Our HO1 trunks underwear keep up with active lifestyles: gym, outdoor adventures, and everyday tasks.

A Historic & Trusted Men’s Trunks Brand from France

HOM was established in 1968 in France. Our company is not only innovative, but is considered the trendsetter by providing men's boxers underwear as well as trunks underwear that are elegant, classy, and high quality. We not only champion necessities for the daily lifestyle. Although our brand has gained a good reputation because of the production of high quality trunks underwear, our business is by no means just focused in this category only. To this end, we currently offer a broad collection of other undergarments that will help you stay in front of the trends. Not only is HOM's wide range of boxers underwear desirable, but our full line of everyday essential products bring an extra flavour to your daily living.

HOM is driven by the idea of constantly innovating. Our trunks underwear design engineers persistently take part in the process of exploring and developing new cuts and styles to offer our customers elegant and fashionable boxers. From innovative fabric mixes to ergonomic fits, every pair of HOM men's trunks underwear reflects cutting-edge expertise and keen attention to detail, which ultimately results in optimum performance and flawless style.

Other than just a great pair of boxers, think of HOM as your ultimate go-to for a vast assortment of items tailored to meet your daily routine as you unwind at home, on the beach, or during your night out.

Shop Men's Boxers Underwear Online Through Our Online Store

All men have different needs, thus, we always ensure that we have a broad range of men's boxers and trunks underwear available, such as diverse colours, prints, patterns and fabrics to satisfy different preferences.

Get into the wonderful world of men’s boxers underwear with us, and experience our wide range of men's boxers. Shopping on our user-friendly and secure website is a delightful journey, and you can purchase with confidence that every pair of boxers underwear in our collection is expertly produced with the highest attention to quality and detail. To guarantee outstanding comfort, longevity, and style in every men's trunks we manufacture, we always source only the best materials.

If you spend over HK$599 on men's trunks in our online store, shipping is free. Looking to buy fresh boxers? Exploring new trunks underwear styles? You need not look any further, as we’ll deliver your order hassle-free to your door. For any questions about our boxers underwear products, feel free to visit our Hong Kong stores or reach out to us online. We are always more than happy to assist you in finding the right pair of boxers underwear!

About HOM’s Trunks Underwear & Boxers – FAQs:

1. What are the most common styles of men's boxers?


Men's boxers usually come in a variety of styles to cater to different preferences and needs, including:

  • Basic Boxers: Loose-fitting and comfy, similar to beachwear, and offer a relaxed, casual feel. This boxer underwear provides airy features that make them ideal for relaxing and warm environments.
  • Trunks Underwear: With a shorter length and a snug fit, men’s trunks offer support while also allowing for flexibility of movement. Men's trunks underwear is particularly popular among men with a shorter or slimmer build and are perfect for active lifestyles.

2. What are the differences between boxers underwear and other styles?


Because everybody's physique is not the same, there is a wide variety of styles for undergarments for different body shapes, so people can look for the perfect type that offers the best comfort. Some styles might be tight, but boxers underwear are worn loose and comfortable, which make boxers perfect for every situation. Boxers also give a balance of comfort and support, as well as being much more relaxed, prioritizing freedom of movement over more close fitting garments.

3. How do I know which type of boxers underwear is suitable for me?


Finding the appropriate boxers for your lifestyle and preferences is crucial. HOM’s HO1 boxers collection is both flexible and comfy. The horizontal opening design of these boxers improves comfort and ease of use. Some might say that material, cut, fit, and colour pattern also affect picking the right pair of men's trunks underwear.

HOM men's trunks provide all-day comfort, whether you're relaxing at home, running errands or just exercising. Style, comfort, and functionality make our HO1 boxer and men’s trunk series ideal for those who value products that can do it all. The horizontal hole on our men's trunks underwear makes it easy to wear or take off, while the soft, breathable fabrics ensure a comfortable fit. From classic to trendy, cuts of our trunks underwear suit diverse body types and preferences. Our collection's diversity of colours and patterns lets you express your style while enjoying the benefits of a well-designed and comfortable pair of boxers.

4. How do I choose a comfortable and durable pair of boxers?


To choose boxers that are both comfortable and long-lasting, you should give special consideration to boxers underwear that use elastic and breathable materials. Look for elastic, breathable boxers that are constructed of premium fabrics to provide good moisture-wicking capabilities and softness during everyday use. These qualities make our men’s boxers perfect for wearing all day.

Additionally, take into account the boxers’ design for maximum comfort and support, which provides versatility. The HO1 horizontal fly design from HOM boxers provides more versatility than most other products, allowing you to use the restroom without having to take off your boxers underwear completely, providing a high level of convenience when it really counts.

5. Are HOM men’s trunks underwear suitable for all situations?


HOM men's trunks underwear is made for all-day coziness. They fit well for any situation – the office, or more physical stuff. Made with soft modal and cotton blends, they breathe easily and wick moisture away. This helps you stay comfy and fresh, even during workouts. The softness keeps you relaxed while sitting for longer periods, and while exercising, the breathable fabrics let air flow more freely, so heat and sweat won't bother you.

6. Are HOM’s boxers suitable for summer?


Most HOM men’s boxers underwear are made from very breathable materials, offering superior breathability compared to traditional cotton. This feature ensures that moisture is quickly and effectively dissipated, which helps to prevent sweat build-up and moisture-related discomfort. As a result, our boxers allow you to keep sensitive areas dry and cool even in hot weather, making them ideal for summer, ensuring dryness and comfort. Our boxers are a fan-favourite and an excellent choice for summers, because they provide unparalleled comfort throughout the day.