Blue Flower Boxer Briefs Ho1 2p

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BLUE FLOWER Boxer Briefs HO1 2P is a trendy line from the HOM BOXERLINES underwear packs.
The BLUE FLOWER set of 2 HO1 boxer briefs for men is an economy pack in stretch cotton for daily wear. These boxer briefs also feature the HO1 opening, which is specific to the HOM brand.
Available in a set of 2 boxer briefs with 1 plain model and 1 model with an elegant flower micro print.

Composition : 95% cotton, 5% elastane

As HOM's signature boxer briefs, the HO1 boxer briefs are designed with a horizontal opening and are the brand's true innovative product. These men's boxer briefs are made of elastic fabric and a horizontal opening design, no matter for men who are accustomed to left or right can feel different comfort in any situation. The boxer briefs are also made of cotton natural material, which is very soft to the touch, especially for men who like soft and slippery fabrics. These men's boxer briefs with HOM's iconic belt are stylish and comfortable to wear without squeezing the skin, giving all men a stylish and chic vibe. The HO1 men's boxer briefs are an everyday basic item and are available in classic and trendy colors.

The HO1 line features a complete range of classic and elegant underwear for men with a horizontal opening; you will always find an HO1 to suit your taste.