Korean High-Tech Natural Warm Series-CERAVIDA HEAT: 

Ceravida, the top high-tech patented technology that can control the heat by embedding the heat energy generated in the yarn fiber, thereby increasing the heat preservation efficiency.

Ceravida is a type of topical treatment agent for fabrics. It helps to prevent and remove odor molecules and microbes. As a natural binder, unlike any other odor materials, it is composed of natural ingredients such as marine materials, mineral and biopolymer-binders without the use of chemicals, metals and synthetic binders. In fact, Ceravida is unharmful and particularly safe to use for one’s health as well as the environment. Comparing to the common synthetic binders, Ceravida is the more environmental- friendly and sustainable substitute.


Basic Functions:

  • Anti-Bacterial: Helps Anti-odor function by inhibiting bacterial growth.
  • Skin Stability: Stabilizes the skin with the use of cosmeceutical materials.
  • Anti-odor: Maintains a pleasant feeling by preventing and eliminating odor molecules.
  • Improve blood flow: Increased blood flow and blood flow rate
  • Increased fatigue recovery speed: Increased fatigue recovery speed due to reduced lactate concentration
  • Increased blood oxygen level: Increases blood oxygen levels and reduces carbon dioxide levels
  • Increased physical performance: Increased physical performance
  • Washing durability: Maintains the anti-odor and Anti-bacterial function even after numerous washings.


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Ceravida Heat Long John


Product composition: 62% POLYESTER 33% VISCOSE 5% ELASTANE

  • The use of high-tech patented technology- CERAVIDA HEAT function in the clothing fibers. The unique feature of this patented technology is that it can absorb heat during wearing and emit infrared rays, thereby increasing the effectiveness of warmth, enhance blood circulation and maintain a warm and comfortable state.
  • The fabric has superior performance: anti-bacterial, anti-mildew, anti-odor, and anti-static. The anti-static function can reduce the tactile inductance when wearing clothes, and the fabric fibers can absorb sweat and dry quickly, remove excess water under the clothes. More comfortable when dress up.
  • Unique three-dimensional tailoring technology: The special tailoring design will shape your curve body, and easier to mix & match with any outers but not loose up! The warm trousers will not tightly pinch your thighs, and it is comfortable and no pressure. Moreover, the elastic waistband provides extra comfort when wearing.
  • The fabric is made through high-tech research in Korea.


European Patent Registration:

UK, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Hungary

EU Soumission: 3333680


Other Products   

Our Products- HOM

Thermal imaging camera: After 30 minutes wearing our product, picture shows higher increases of body energy waves on our products compared to other products.


Other Products

Our Products- HOM

Erythrocyte photograph: Improving Red Blood Cells circulation with increased oxygen in the blood. In right graph, red blood cells are separated with more spaces, this indicates that the right product is more effective in increasing the oxygen level in blood, hence increases its comfort and helps maintain energy level.