This can seem a bit nonsensical to you, but until 1968, men’s underwear was just a piece of white cotton cloth with no particular shape: too big to even have a particular use when it comes to support, even, if you know the appropriate jargon. Are you visualising the underpants from your grandfather? Well you got it! One day, one man, Charles Belpaume, boss of a women’s underwear factory in Marseille became outraged: why was it all about women? Elegance, comfort and quality couldn’t be a privilege for women any longer, when it came to underwear. It was time to separate things, to readjust the cuts… A way of thinking that lead to the creation of the brand HOM in 1968 with a first earthquake in the underwear world, with the arrival of the panties, in other words, the arrival of a souple shell. It really seems like an evidence today, but somebody had to think about it: a place where -mind you- you would put the penis. Just like Le Corbusier and his cubic houses that everybody seems to need in 2015, even if he was looked at crazy in the thirties… This very impertinence was remembered by many and it made the brand famous. From this moment, HOM never ceased on bringing something new to the table: HOM created a new category in menswear! The brand went on and disrupted all codes with an ultra clever communication that was judged risky by some, let’s say it was only off the wall. It brought comfort, quality, elegance and sensuality to panties, boxers or trunks. In 1995, HOM wondered about the use of underwear in sports and developed in 1995 HOMsports, with Olympique de Marseille’s very own Jean-Pierre Papin and basketball player Richard Dacoury. But the innovation that would turn the brand into what it is today is the HO1. A new product with innovative features that will put an end to the eternal right wing / left wing war with an horizontal opening. US President Bill Clinton was a fan and exhibited in the museum of arts and decorations, the HO1 became the most comfortable piece of underwear in the world. Lingerie for men! We would even want to be men too, just to try them on. Back again with the same one, with different formulas and a savoir-faire only HOM knows, the atelier from Marseille wants to seduce today’s men. /p>