Behind his eagle eye, Romaric aka @romdilon snaps moments of Marseille life. This self-confessed “eternal tourist” who is forever roaming the streets, took us on a tour of the city he captures so lovingly in photos.

Where’s your favorite spot for taking pictures in the Phocaean city?

I don’t have a favorite place, I’m an eternal tourist. I wander the city when I’m off work, walking between 15 to 20 kilometers. Each place has a different dynamic depending on my state of mind.

Does the Vallon des Auffres give off a certain energy?

The Vallon des Auffres is like a small, fishing village. In the summer, the valley takes on a whole different appearance. There are events and parties, it’s a place that makes you feel good. It’s warm, you can take a dip, and there’s an incredibly friendly vibe.

In your photos, you play around a lot with the city’s architecture and reflections. If HOM were a monument in Marseille, what would it be?

If HOM were a monument in Marseille, the first place that springs to mind is the Mucem, because it’s made up of two parts: on one side it’s classic, the other contemporary, with its concrete netting.