HOM’s must have are its boxer shorts with a revolutionary horizontal opening to satisfy the whole male population offering superior comfort with modal material and unique support. Cosigned by former US President Bill Clinton himself (with a signed letter), on the year it was first launched (1997), the HO1 may be the origin of one of the biggest presidential scandal we’ve seen in decades… We’ll never know. But the history of HOM and its creator lets us think that maybe great minds did meet in the oval office on this date. The HO1 trunks is resulting of a long innovations series : the flexible shell from 1968, that is now on each and every men’s piece of underwear… But also the 1997 revolution : the horizontal opening. An underwear that’s well thought, with the infamous French savoir-faire, made for men of both orientation, if you know what we mean, and most importantly, with an unreached comfort. It was an instant success, with a manual labor comporting 12 steps in the Marseille factories. Just like another brand, HOM brought a revolution, created and triggered trends and it also knew how to evolve with men generations after generations, because it was the brand they deserved, and the one they needed. HOM is relaunching the HO1 Original in February of 2016, with a much more subtle logo and a better finish.