How can one know what material offers the best comfort and well being for men's underwear or for top of the range men's lingerie? You will find below a guide to discover and experiment sensations on your skin in harmony with your expectations. A very soft boxer, a brief that remains in shape, solid socks with colors that do not blend, chlorine and salt resistant swimwear are usually made of specific fabrics. The first natural fiber used in the textile industry is cotton of course. This fiber is made of silky filaments located around cotton beads, and is composed of about 94% of cellulose. Cotton has been known since the earliest Antiquity in India, and cotton cloths dating from 2.500 BC were discovered in Peru. Grown in North America since the 17th century, it was introduced in Europe in the 18th century. Comfortable and hygienic, cotton has many qualities, it is capable of absorbing about 10% of its weight in water without giving the impression of being humid. It has therefore an excellent absorbing power, as well as a big sweat constituent retention capacity. Moreover, cotton hardly maintains static electricity and does not cause allergies. It is therefore ideal for HOM underwear. Easy to care for, cotton can be washed at high temperatures. To provide cotton products with further softness, one can use it with modal, a fiber extracted from wood cellulose, a natural raw material. Soft, supple, silky, the modal fiber offers high comfort, with the distinctive feature of remaining supple and soft after being washed several times. Absorbent and breathing, modal is close to viscose. If one adds a touch of elastane, one comes up with the fabric used in the famous HO1 product, known for its absolute comfort. The word elastane is made of the terms « elastic and polyurethane », generic terms for highly elastic threads (three to seven times its length, according to the fibers), and which pull back to their initial length. For example, lycra, spandex, dorlastan, etc... Elastane is used in a lot of fabrics, natural or synthetic, and offers freedom of movement, well being and support. Without giving out the HOM manufacturing secrets, the famous HO1 boxer is a clever blend of fibers: cotton, modal and elastane. After a certain number of studies and tests, HOM has defined the choice of fabrics that offers its underwear at the same time robustness, softness and elasticity. Collection after collection, the patterns get more varied, fabrics evolve, products innovate: socks made out of bamboo viscose, woven boxers with ultra soft waistbands... Comfort and support remain the priorities.