An underwear brand is more than just a label. More than anything, a brand has to be a publisher, releasing fabrics, prints, materials, cuts and products that change every season. The expertise, collections and the network must all be made to work for these releases. To do so, HOM publishes catalogues, packagings, displays, press releases, adverts, posters, magazines, newsletters and digital prints. But before we can publish, we need to create new stories with our stylists, photographers, graphic designers and artists. Charles Belpaume, the label’s founder, understood this back in 1968 when he was a designer and a publisher, too. So what does this mean? It means keeping a constant eye on the latest trends and on what people need. It means taking on the mantle of a leading brand for our partners and clients. With this book, you’ll get more than just a complete view of our Spring Summer 2017 collection. This is above all a tool to let you understand and absorb HOM’s trends and direction. See PDF version