HOM has nothing to hide: and the brand’s new ambitions are everywhere to be displayed. We already have conquered new customers, buyers and consumers: in France, and abroad, in concept stores, superstores and on the internet: everybody’s into it. A strong come-back for the brand, that’s featuring a new way to stand out. HOM exists to be a lifestyle brand, HOM doesn’t want to be considered as, another underwear brand. It widens its vision to create an environment, while, at the same time, focusing on the product, to valorize its tremendous savoir-faire. All these energies work together with our teams to craft this fall winter 2016 collection. For Fall/Winter 2016, we teamed up with five photographers, and they are being featured in this second edition. This Mook is the brand’s source and basis for HOM’s natural diffusion: connected to the brand’s newest friends.

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