The cities that we all miss travelling to

HOM’s “City Highlight” Collection   

Since the beginning of the epidemic, various countries and regions have implemented customs and distance restrictions to protect the safety of the people. Whether we are business travelers or travel enthusiasts, all of us have been trapped in one destination and restrained from travelling to other places. While we pray that the epidemic could be over soon, we crave for a little bit of fun from our redundant daily life and we can’t wait to be able to cross the border of our city!

In order to reignite a sense of hope and freedom, HOM specially launched a collection that features a series of "City Highlight".  


The collection includes 2 product ranges, including the long sleeves crew neck tee shirt and boxer briefs for men. Our selection of city highlights included “Paris's Eiffel Tower”,  “Rome's Colosseum”, and “England's London Bridge“, all digitally printed on our tailored garments. With the theme of well-known scenic spots, presented on garments using vivid and attractive colours, we hope we can bring the scenery everyone missed in front of your eyes!


Composition :  86% Polyamide 14% Elastane



City Highlight Boxer Briefs Feat. London Bridge


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City Highlight Boxer Briefs Feat. Colosseum


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Urban Jungle Boxer Briefs


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